Slow Start With Adsense

One of my projects I mentioned as part of my passive income goal is a blog that’s been getting steady traffic even with few updates. My plan was to start using adsense to get some income from it.

In the first month and a half of doing this I’ve earned about $0.40 from adsense. It’s understandable that it takes some time to start serving good ads on the site (at one point I think saw an advertiser check out the site and decide to target it for ads). There were a couple of clicks early in August but nothing since then, so maybe it is just a lack of targeted ads affecting results at the moment. To my surprise I can still earn something when there are no clicks, but it’s not very much. It looks like I won’t be making the sub-goal of getting $10/month within 3 months unless something changes quickly, but with a few adjustments I can still get this to contribute to the target for next summer.

I haven’t been writing as much as I expected for the blog, maybe 1-2 posts per month. I don’t expect more than 1 per week because it takes some preparation to have a good post, but if they are well-written they should add up to plenty of long-term traffic. This is what made me re-activate the blog, since 2 posts that were 2 years old were getting 1000 hits/month on their own. I should be able to add a good amount of content over the next few months, which will help bring in more active readers and also be good for search traffic in the future.

Mike from The Financial Blogger mentions earning about $300/month from 12,000 visitors. As a benchmark that means about $25/month per 1,000 visitors. I’m getting traffic levels around 1,000 (funny moment of the week: someone who writes articles that no one reads, tells me I know nothing about marketing) but nowhere near that much income yet. It may be due to the ad placement (which is really secondary to the content), or maybe the market I’m in is less profitable than financial sites. Credit card/payday loan ads aren’t as likely to be applicable here… then again you never know who will bite on those.

If things go well and I can hit Mike’s benchmark while increasing the traffic to 5,000 visitors per month by next summer, that would be worth up to $125/month. If not, it looks like there’s a pretty good chance I’ll have at least one cheque from Google (the minimum payout is $100) by the deadline. Either way it’s interesting to see what happens. This is the smallest component of the goal, so a minor improvement in one of the others could do more than this whole project.


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