About Simply Rich Life

This is a blog about getting rich. Not very original right?

There are no big secrets here. You don’t need to buy $2,000 courses and e-books to learn what will make a rich life. And the basics of study, courage, practice, and hard work are pretty basic indeed. I won’t cover that here. Instead I will document what I’m trying, what the results are, and why I’m doing it. I hope it will push me to do more, inspire at least one person to make their life a bit richer, and maybe give me some more feedback and ideas.

I believe that I am rich when I have more than I want. Many people let the “wanting” get out of control, so they need to “have” a lot (and don’t even make time to enjoy it). Others accept what they “have” and try not to “want” anything else. Since I’m permanently indecisive, I decided to work on both.

As a result I’ve been working on many ways to earn more. I’ve worked one full day in an office in my life, and only had one “regular job” when I was a teenager. I started a business in 2006 which is now doing well and I’m experimenting with other ways of earning more. I’m a software developer and I’ve been interested in business and finance (actually programming too) since shortly after I started reading. That has given me 3 very complex areas to learn. I love to learn and grow so this is perfect.  And as far as I know I will always be doing something involving those as long as my mind is intact which should provide lots of income opportunities. Long-time inspirations include I Will Teach You to be Rich and Smart Passive Income.

While I do this I’m working on getting laser-focused on the things that provide the most happiness for the least effort. I’ve realized that being rich is actually quite cheap. Like many others I once thought I could be a millionaire by 30. I still believe this and there is a bit of time left, but after doing the math I realized I would be perfectly happy and secure if I never hit that number in my life. So if I do it’s just for the fun of seeing how far I can go (or because inflation forces it eventually). Mr Money Mustache and Canadian Dream: Free at 45, as well as some books on various forms of meditation and Buddhism, have been great inspirations in this.

I’m married and we have a daughter born in 2012 so I need to balance a lot of different sides. It’s very rewarding to have things to focus on other than my income though. These things are the end goal and if I can do them now instead of earning a lot of money so I can do them later, that’s even better.

We live in Canada, which means we don’t have the lowest tax rate around but we don’t need to get expensive health insurance. For personal reasons we plan to stay where we are. Like everything I do it’s a place with a pretty nice balance between the different sides of life.


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